According to Consumer Reports, there is a time to buy for certain items to get the best deals of the year for home items, clothes and electronics.

June is a great month to invest some money on some great deals on outdoor items for your home, such as pressure washers and string trimmers, but, also dehumidifiers for inside of your home.

Check out the list below and where to find them in the Bangor area. Did I forget a local business that sells these items? Tell us in the comments! #ShopLocal

String Trimmers

Appreciating a well groomed lawn means trimming those edges close to the house and along the yard, too.  String trimmers are used to achieve a clean look to your lawn and are in deep discount right now.

Find this item at the following local businesses and stores: Walmart BangorWalmart BrewerHome Depot BangorLowes BangorLowes Brewer,


With summer starting to ramp up this month, those east coast muggy days are coming our way.  A dehumidifier will do just the trick and is available right now on deep discounts.

Purchase dehumidifiers at the following local stores and businesses: Dunnett Appliance & MattressTarget BangorWalmart BangorWalmart BrewerBed, Bath and BeyondLowes BangorLowes BrewerHome Depot Bangor.

Pressure Washers

It is quite incredible what a good, tough clean can do.  Clean the outside of your house and deck well with a pressure washer that you can get on deep discount at these businesses in the Bangor area.

You can find this product in the following Bangor area stores: NH BraggMaine Paper and Janitorial Products, Home Depot BangorLowes BangorLowes Brewer.

Smart Watches

Now that you can count on clear roadways and running paths, this time of year may be the time to think about getting a smart watch that could help you with your fitness goals.  Smart watches are in deep discount this month and here is a list of places that you can find them in the Bangor area:
Best Buy, Bangor Walmart, Brewer Walmart, Staples, BJs, Sam's Club, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohls, and Target.


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