It was a back-to-school shopping trip that brought an Ellsworth teen to the Maine Mall this weekend and upon some good timing and generous surprise by a celebrity in town for a concert.

Rapper DMX was in town to play the Wiz Khalifa show at the Maine Savings Pavilion at Rock Row in Westbrook on Saturday.  The rapper happened to be in the store with Ellsworth student Grace Firley and mother, Nikki Cutchins, while Grace was picking out some new shoes for school.

Once up to the register, DMX offered to pay for her shoes.

According to WABI-TV5, the rapper was "blessed to have 15 kids and wanted them to be blessed as well."

Grace couldn't find the right shoes until she found the right ones at the Maine Mall, "I was actually having a really hard time picking out shoes, like, I could not figure out which ones I wanted, and then we went in that store, and I found the shoes that I wanted, and we just happened to go pay for them and it happened. They're technically his shoes. That's what I'm going to say. I have DMX's shoes."

Her mom, Nikki, is feeling very grateful that someone had the generousity to do such a kind gesture, "I guess you feel lucky, you know? We really got this special moment that not many people get, and he saved me a little money on school shoes, so I can't argue with that. We are totally grateful."

Check out WABI-TV 5's aired clip of the story.

I'm sure Grace is excited to get back to school in her new shoes and have a pretty interesting story to tell.

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