This should be a good time in the Camden-Rockport area this weekend!

20th International Snow Sculpture Art Expo Held In Harbin
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Camden hosts the only U.S. sanctioned Maine State Snow Sculpting Competition. Sculptors from around New England come to Camden to sculpt anything from the abstract to icons of pop culture. The winner of this competition will travel to the U.S. Snow Sculpting Nationals in Lake Geneva, WI to represent the state of Maine.

The sculptors will begin their work at 8:00 AM on Saturday, in the Village Green in downtown Camden and have 24 hours to complete their work. Blocks of snow are arranged in the park across from town hall, directly adjacent to Elm Street (Rte. 1). Sculptors will carve throughout the day, scraping, chiseling, and shaping the snow. Spectators are invited to watch, cheer them on, and vote on the People’s Choice Award.

judging for the state event will taking place on Sunday morning at 9:30, and culminate with an awards ceremony at noon in the Village Green.

In addition to the competitive event described above, there will be smaller blocks of snow for noncompetitive event. This is your opportunity to try your skills in turning snow into art.

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Ever wondered what it takes to put together a snow sculpture? Check out some video.

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