Let's take a look at the fall foliage report for this week for the state of Maine.  Northern Maine is past peak this week while areas through the Western mountains areas, Bangor, Calais and south are in peak, with the exception of the very southern tip of Maine just about to reach peak.  Get your leaf peeping in now because this short lived color change is about to wrap up!


Check out the Maine Foliage report on the Maine.gov website here.

Nationwide Fall Foliage

Smokeymountains.com has put up an interactive map so you can check out what's going on with the fall foliage nationwide.  This week, there is patchy to peak changes in the Rocky Mountain areas, Appalachian areas and along the northern states.  South eastern states from Texas to Georgia still have seen no change.

Maine joins a third of the nation's fall foliage reporting with being at peak.

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