Let's take a look at the fall foliage report for this week, October 7th to October 13th for the state of Maine and the nation.

This week the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry is reporting peak has come and gone for all points north of the coastline here in the State of Maine.  You can catch the peak happening now along the coastline and into southern Maine.



Check out the latest Maine Foliage report on the Maine.gov website here.

Nationwide Fall Foliage

Smokeymountains.com has put up an interactive map so you can check out what's going on with the fall foliage nationwide.

This week we are past peak fall foliage in the Rocky Mountains, the most northern parts of the midwest, in parts of the Appalachian Mountains and northern parts of New England.  There is equally patchy and partial spots of foliage that continue to run around the Rockies' most elevated spots, throughout the northern midwest and for a good portion of the northern half of the eastern seaboard of the United States.

Most of the United States is seeing some change in fall foliage at this time, and, as of now, the northern part of the United States are seeing mostly patchy and partial foliage at this time.

Next week, we'll see peak areas surrounding of the Rockies, New York State into New England, the mountain region along the eastern seaboard and the northern mid-west states. Most foliage at that time will be mostly partial or at near peak with more foliage action encroaching the most southern half of the United States

See you next week for another fall foliage report.

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