Let's take a look at the fall foliage report for this week, October 14th to October 21st for the state of Maine and the nation.

This week the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry is not reporting anything because they think fall foliage is all wrapped up for this year.  With that, all areas of Maine are past peak with fall foliage for the year 2020.

Check out this year's Maine Foliage reports on the Maine.gov website here.

Nationwide Fall Foliage

Smokeymountains.com has put up an interactive map so you can check out what's going on with the fall foliage nationwide.

This week we are past peak fall foliage in and around the Rocky Mountains, the most northern states along the great lakes, the highest elevations of the Appalachian Mountains and all of New England.  Peak and near-peak times are hitting northern parts of the west coast, the lower elevations along the Rocky Mountains, the mid Atlantic states and many mid-western states.

Most of the United States is seeing minimal to near peak fall foliage currently with exceptions of most southern spots of the nation seeing no change, including the Gulf coast of Texas and the Panhandle of Florida.

Fall foliage is expected to pass for most of the nation by the week of November 2nd but will continue for the most southern areas of the United States into the final weeks of November.

That does it for this year's fall foliage report for Maine for the year 2020.  See you next year!

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