Is the Bangor Opera House haunted? Now you can find out for yourself!

Join “Haunt enthusiast” Ben Laymen, as he tours the iconic Bangor Opera House to bring to light the spirits and history of this historic building in Bangor, Maine. Destructive fires, tens of thousands of visitors, and years of sitting deserted made the home of Penobscot Theatre Company the perfect haunt for wary spirits eager to find their home. Learn the history of this fascinating building, go places that most of the public never gets to, and see if you can spot the presence of an apparition or two in the shadows. The Bangor Opera House has many secrets, how many will be revealed? Take the tour beginning October 9th to find out

This unique link grants you, and only you, admission to a one time only performance using Zoom and other technology. This real time video is streamed from cameras straight to your phone or computer!, Anything can happen, so choose the performance date and time of your choice, then and enjoy the show. Once you make your ticket purchase, you will then receive a Zoom link to whichever perfoormance you choose.

Way back in January of 1914, Bangor’s Richardsonian Romanesque Opera House, burned down and had to be demolished. The second Opera House was the last in a long line of downtown Bangor theatres.. In 1966 it became Bangor Cinema, then it was used for Bangor Symphony Orchestra concerts The building was acquired by the Penobscot Theatre Company in 1997

The tour launches October 9th, for more info, check out this spooky link!

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