Wanna get the kids up off the couch and dancing? We found a show that just may do the trick!

The Penobscot Theatre Company, located at the historic Bangor Opera House, 131 Main Street in Bangor, has been putting out some great virtual performances the last several months, and the latest looks like it will be a fun time.

Running April 11th-May 2nd, an indie pop/rock band for all "insects" and ages, Bee Parks and the Hornets throw down with some high-energy concert parties that combine music, puppetry and audience participation to get the kids up and moving. They perform original songs that promote kindness, equality, self-confidence, social justice, environmental awareness and of course, getting your groove on. This show is a great excuse to get the whole family together and enjoy some laughs and music.

For Bee Parks and the Hornets ticket info, check out https://www.penobscottheatre.org/show/bee-parks-and-the-hornets/

If the sight of a dog wearing a wig is enough to crack you up, they have a show for you! After some adult themed shows, here is something appropriate for everyone in your household. Made for and by dogs, "Dog Giovanni" premieres on Tuesday, May 4th. It's a perfect blend for theatre and animal lovers alike.

To stream this event, the cost is $40 per household For Penobscot Theatre subscribers, it's $35 per household. One household ticket will give you access to the entire 3 part series.

For more info on this adorably cute doggy event, check out www.penobscottheatre.org/show/the-dog-operas

Who knows when we will be able to attend live theatre performances again? Hopefully soon, but until then, Penobscot Theatre Company is giving the Bangor area a ton of entertainment.

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