The Maine Department of Transportation sent out a press release announcing the work they will be doing on I-95 that will effect traffic north and south of Bangor already begun.

The paving, bridge work and safety work will be nightly work between Carmel and Old Town along I-95.  The work is already underway, taking place during the overnight hours.  The work will include some lane closures, ramp closures and detours.

The work is to continue throughout the fall until November 13th.  Work is planned to stop for the winter then pick back up in 2021.  The paving, bridge work and safety work for this expected to wrap up next year.


The Maine Department of Transportation has multiple projects going on in the central, northern and eastern Maine area currently, including the I-395/Rt. 9 Connector Project, which started work on the Wilson Street bridge last week, as well as other projects including the Bangor Ohio Street Bridge Replacement,  the Hampden Bridge Bundle Project and the Waterville Downtown Revitalization Project.

Next year, the Maine Department of Transportation has plans for construction around the Bangor area, including:

  • paving along Route 221 through Bangor, Bradford, Glenburn and Hudson
  • roadwork on Interstate 95 in Hermon, Hampden and Bangor
  • additional roadwork on Interstate 95 beginning in Etna and going northbound
  • going through Carmel, Hampden, Newburgh and Hermon
  • new construction and improvements for the Bangor International Airport
  • enhancements to the Bangor Riverfront trail
  • Hogan Road road work in Bangor
  • State Street road work in Bangor
  • Bridge improvements for Interstate 95 / Broadway bridge in Bangor
  • Road work for Interstate 95 from Orono working southbound for 23 miles

For more projects that the Maine Department of Transportation has going on statewide visit the 'Current Projects' page at the Maine Department of Transportation website.

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