It is road work season so we can expect more roadwork in the Bangor area, specifically some lane closures on Interstate 95 for next week.

The Maine Department of Transportation is announcing it will be installing beams for the bridge work happening at the Ohio Street Bridge in Bangor.

Due to the kind of work needing to be done, there will be alternate full closures during the overnight work in order to keep the traveling public safe during the work.

The scheduling of the closures and the work that needs to be done will take place overnight for dates scheduled for next week and will be solely northbound or southbound closings depending on where the work is being done throughout the week.  This means one or the other will be closed but not both during the overnight construction.

Here's the schedule put out by the Maine Department of Transportation for next week's lane closures of Interstate 95 in Bangor near the Ohio Street Bridge construction work.

Sunday, July 19th 11 PM - Monday, July 20th 5 AM: Northbound lane closed

Monday, July 20th 11 PM - Tuesday, July 21st: Northbound lane closed

Tuesday, July 21st 11 PM - Wednesday, July 22nd 5 PM: Southbound lane closed

Wednesday, July 22nd 11 AM - Thursday, July 23rd 5 PM: Southbound lane closed

Expect detours in the area and plan ahead for traffic changes.

Plan out your route with this expected traffic change by heading over to the Maine Department of Transportations project page specific for the Ohio Street Bridge rebuild at

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