It is summer time in Maine! That means, sunscreen, kiddo's splashing around, night time dips, and lots of memories to be made.

When you go to a beach with your family or your lover you think about what you need to bring for the day but you don't think about the things you can't do at a beach.

Did you know there some things you cannot do at a beach, things that could get you criminally charged?

I didn't know all of activities that could be illegal. So here I am, helping to spread the word so that you are aware that if you do something like see a pretty rock at a private beach, shaped like a heart, you do not pick it up because it is in fact, not allowed to do that in Maine!

Another interesting example is driftwood. I have a piece of driftwood in my home that I took from a Maine beach. The rules with driftwood are iffy.

According to Mail Tribune,

Driftwood removal is restricted to wood that can be loaded by hand and wood that is not embedded in the beach or dune banks.
Let us also visit the juicy topics. Sex on the beach. I think we all realize that if you are on a public beach, that is a no-no. I wouldn't risk it, because it would be an embarrassing story to tell my co-workers the next day.
So, in order to make this clear so you know if you are being a criminal or not, I have created a list below of things that are illegal to do at Maine beaches and you will be glad I told you because I myself have most likely committed these crimes, a millions times already. So, you're welcome.

Check out the list below of Things That Are Illegal To Do At Maine Beaches!

Illegal To Do This At Maine Beaches

It's summertime and we're all heading to Maine's beautiful beaches. But, there are things that are illegal to do at Maine Beaches so, in order to be helpful, I made of list of some of these weird things that you cannot do at Maine beaches.

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