Icy Roads on January 24, 2019

Drivers are advised to watch for dangerous road conditions across the state, in areas where temperatures remain at or below freezing.

It's a weird weather day, even for Maine. Early this morning, we gave the temperature in Brewer as 40 degrees, and heard from a listener in Exeter who said it was 26 degrees. And that's the story across the state. Some areas are getting rain and have warm temperatures, while others are dealing with freezing rain and treacherous conditions.

Drivers are advised to watch out for those icy areas as they travel across the state. The Maine State Police shared these two photos, to emphasize that there are some bad travel conditions today. The photo of the white car was shared by Troop E, who patrol the interstate from Newport to Sherman.

State Police say a driver escaped serious injury this morning when her car overturned on the Messalonskee Stream Bridge on Interstate 95 in Waterville.

Melissa Ames, 49, of Newport lost control of her Honda Civic while passing another vehicle in the northbound lanes. The falling rain had started to freeze on the bridge’s surface.  Her car struck abutments on both sides of the bridge and then overturned , coming to rest on its roof, in the center of the bridge.  Ames had minor lacerations and was looked at by ambulance personnel on scene

 Ames’ car was the only vehicle involved and backed up traffic in the northbound lanes to Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville.  Although the morning temperatures were in the low 40s, State Police remind motorists that bridge surfaces are the first to freeze and motorists need to adjust their speed when crossing them.

Slow down today, don't tailgate, and remember to move over, if possible, for any police or rescue vehicles. And give yourself extra time tomorrow, when temperatures, even in the areas that are warm today, are supposed to dip below freezing.

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