Well, Tom Brady is off to the Superbowl again but sadly, it’s not playing for the Pats.  His incredible passion for football has led to all his financial success but his choice in a wife was pretty smart also.  According to parade.com, Brady’s net worth is an eye-popping $200 million dollars.  That’s even after the purchase of his super speedy boat that I wrote about last month.


The Tampa Bay Bucs signed a two-year deal with the 43-year-old Brady worth $50 million with the opportunity for an extra $9 million in incentives.  He made over a grand total of $235.3 million during his 20-year tenure with the Patriots and could have made more but he freed up some of his salary in order to hire other players to beef up the roster.


Now let’s take a look at his endorsements.  It is estimated that Brady makes around $12 million a year from brands like Foot Locker, Tag Heuer, Under Amour among others according to parade.com.  I personally succumbed to the pressure of Tom Brady and bought a pair of Uggs a few years ago.  Sadly, they did not make me look like Tom Brady.


That’s a ton of money but what is really mind-blowing is his wife’s net worth.  It is estimated that Gisele Bundchen is worth $400 million.  I had no idea that modeling could bring in that type of cash.  And if you think Brady is the greatest of all time, he just might be because he married a woman worth nearly twice as much. The moral of this story when choosing a partner choose wisely.





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