Each year we wait in dread for it; those pesky skeeters, and their ridiculously annoying bites!

Because I'm super-pale, I tend to layer up in the summer, so they don't get to me as much as they do my kids. And let me tell you, my daughters seem to have allergic reactions to mosquito bites. The sites swell up to huge welts, and itch like the dickens!

A quick google search of "best mosquito bite relief" did yield some potentially helpful ideas.

You can check them out here and here.

But in my quest to find relief for my girls, I got to wondering: what are your tried-and-true, go-to mosquito bite remedies?

So I asked.

And here's what you had to say.

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Rubbing Alcohol seemed high on the list.

Mary Klein Drouin Rubbing alcohol. I've found that going in my hot tub helps along with poison oak and ivy. The chlorine makes it feel better and dries it up.

Brad Rice Rubbing alcohol

John Ware Rubbing alcohol

Andy Soule Alcohol or hand sanitizer. So many ticks this year, the mosquitoes may get pushed out.

Afterbite also made the list multiple times.

April Thibodeau After bite

Harry Wilson Jr. After bite

Some of you had other remedies and ointments to try...

Hilton Langille Equate 1% cortisone

Bob Hatch Hydrocortisone cream works, but I also hear that, if you rub a slice of cucumber on a mosquito bite, it will relieve the itching.

Beth Jacob Which Hazel
Carl Witham Immediately after the bite. Pinch the bite area to squeeze out as much mosquito saliva until blood shows. The saliva is what causes the itching and ever since i learned this, the itching barely lasts more than a day or two if Im bitten. Then again, everyone's immune system is different so this may not work on other people.
Colleen Snow Hydrocortisone cream. Luckily the dragonflies are starting to come out to hopefully they will do a number on the Skeeters and the black flies
Delcina Gomm Hand sanitizer. Makes it it feel better.
Bobbie Lindsey Vicks
Jen Megquier Hydrocortisone cream and Benadryl at night.
And other's suggested avoiding bites altogether!

Tempal Marie Mailey Stay inside with a/c? I am highly allergic to their saliva and allergic to deet and most bug sprays. So I hide out the best I can.

Cathy Prescott Don't get a bite lol

Or maybe they should just follow this advice and just give in?!

Furrøw Wøød Alcohol Internally till they don't bite anymore..

Paul Keezer Bourbon...1-Shot..and 1- Beer...good old George T..right there...

Kelly Mahar Scratch it until I go insane

Admittedly, I might have the little ladies skip the booze and insanity, but that doesn't mean I can't try it!

Hopefully something on this list will actually work for the kids, and maybe even others who need a little help in the mosquito bite department!

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