The first time I ever got an apartment by myself back around 2000, a friend gave me my first plant as a housewarming gift. I don't remotely remember what it was. Mostly because I killed it. I think I even confessed when I got it, that it might be a bad idea since I'd never owned anything alive before, hahaha.

Ever since then, I only had things like cactuses and that sort of thing -- stuff that required almost zero attention. And for that matter, I definitely never attempted to try and grow food, ever. We had a garden a few times when I was a kid, but I almost no recollection of ever eating food that came out of it. We probably did, but I was a kid, so...

During the recent pandemic, a lot of people turned to growing their own food. Whether it was early paranoia about contact transmission of the virus, or they were simply looking for something to do to help pass the time of being stuck at home for months, people began to warm to the idea of growing their own veggies.

Here we are a year later, and rather than let that concept fade away, leaders from Piscataquis County have partnered with UMaine to offer free cherry tomato plants to residents. Last year, they gave away more than 2,500 plants. All for free, according to Fox Bangor.

Why cherry tomatoes? Glad you asked! Have you ever tried growing full sized tomatoes? Yikes. That takes actual skills and patience. Even someone like me could grow cherry tomatoes. They have a much higher success rate, and you are far more likely to have a bountiful harvest by summer's end. Your salads will thank you.

If you're interested in getting in on the action, they will begin handing out the seedlings on June 3, at the Dover-Foxcroft Area Food Cupboard.

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