It took 9 months, but now it is official!

The State of Maine may be most famous for our lobster, or maybe a can of Moxie soda, but let's not forget about our favorite sweet treat, whoopie pies!

Last June, the Portland Sea Dogs did something pretty cool, they got together with Wicked Whoopies, and our friends from the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival, to attempt to set the record for the longest line of whoopie pies, it took some time to verify it, but according to the Guinness Book Of of World Records, they now have achieved their goal.

A whopping 2,121 whoopie pies were arranged in a straight line before being reorganized into an image of a massive whoopie pie and served to everyone who happened to be at the game that afternoon, right on the field. No word on whether or not they supplied 2,121 glasses of milk with it.

We love whoopie pies so much here in Maine, that every year we have a huge party. On June 22nd, the town of Dover-Foxcroft, once again becomes the Whoopie Pie capital of the world, when the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival returns for yet another exciting year.

The Maine Whoopie Pie Festival began way back in 2009, and it has become a must-attend afternoon for the whole family and community, and for people from all ove the country, who make the trip to try this delicacy.

Guinness will present the Portland Sea Dogs with the official certificate for the world record, today!

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