The students at the New England School of Communications of Husson University in Bangor have taken on a challenge that any aspiring filmmaker would consider sacred ground, especially coming from a school located in the Master of Horrors hometown.

The Film/Production and Audio Engineering students at the Bangor communications school have brought a Stephen King short story to life with their take, a film adaptation, of the story "That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is In French" from the Everything's Eventual collection.

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The twelve and a half minute piece centers around a middle-aged woman who keeps getting déjà vu, you know, that feeling that you can only say what it is in French. She keeps having visions and dreams along with psychic precognition of events throughout the story which involves an airplane ride and stroll with her husband.

The final product is the end result of an annual project that the students execute, combining the talents of varying concentrations within the New England School of Communications. WHSN-FM, the college radio station run by NESCom faculty and students, mentions that the script, production and editing all took place during the pandemic.

Check out the video for yourself on the Husson YouTube Channel here.

In prior years, the students of the New England School of Communications have done adaptations for another Stephen King short story, "The Last Rung on the Ladder," a J.K. Rowling work as well as an original musical.

For more on New England School of Communications at Husson University, its programs and work, check out its website:

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