In honor of Veterans Day coming up November 11th, we wanted to honor our Bangor-Area Veteran-owned businesses.

In the year of coronavirus, parades are being called off and we have to reimagine and reinvent ways to honor our veterans here in the State of Maine.  So here's a way to support our Vet community in Maine.

Putting a spotlight on these businesses allows for the Bangor Area to choose to support our veterans and consider purchasing from these particular businesses.

Maine is a state that has a strong military service tradition and at least a quarter of its residents have some connection to the military life, whether it be a veteran, a family member or a history of reserve duty.

According to the Veterans Affairs government website, Maine has 114,020 vets in the State of Maine with half of those Vets in the actively in the labor force.  They are hardworking here in the State of Maine and sought after with a history of having the lowest rate of unemployment in the U.S.

Some of of our veterans have chosen to become business owners in our communities. We can choose where we spend our money to support their businesses and local economy.

With that being said, take this Veteran's Day to peruse this list and consider spending locally with these Veteran-owned businesses in the State of Maine.  These are businesses gathered from  If we missed one, please Facebook message us and we'll add it to the list!

We thank you, humbly, for your service, Maine Veterans.




Veteran Owned Businesses In the Bangor Area

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