If you are a Maine Veteran looking for working opportunities a hiring event will be going on next week that could help you find your next employer or the resources you need to get there.

The 'Maine's Hire-A-Vet Campaign 2019 Kick Off and Hiring Fair' will be taking place next Thursday, August 29th at the Augusta Civic Center, located at 76 Community Drive.

The event will be taking place from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M with a kick off that will include posting of colors and guest speakers.

This event is open to the public with all job seekers encouraged to attend.  Expect at least 150 employers across the state to be there as well as resources for job seekers of all kinds.

The campaign set up, Maine's Hire-A-Vet for 2019, has a dedicated Facebook page updated frequently for job resources for Maine veterans.  Visit Hire A Vet Campaign - Maine on Facebook or click on this link.

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