A new analysis by CareerBuilder, a website that shares job openings and matches job seekers with employers, has revealed each state's highest paying and fastest growing jobs.

So, what job fits the #1 spot in Maine's job opportunities?

Software Developer

Software Developers create software needed for users' needs such as applications software (games, word processing) or systems software that keep computers functioning correctly.

Software Developer requires a bachelor's degree with knowledge in coding.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows this fast growing position had an average pay of $105,590 yearly or $50.77 per hour in 2018.  It is also expected to continue growth until the mid 2020 decade.

Another great thing about this job is the ability to telecommute, which Maine Software Developers could certainly take advantage of.

Other jobs that consistently ranked high throughout the nation of fast-growing and high-paying included physicians assistant and physical therapists.

Software Developer was also the number occupation for New Hampshire and Vermont for fastest-growing and highest paying while Massachusetts' number one occupation was Computer Scientist.


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