Hitting the road? Don't fill up till you check the best prices!

U.S. Gas Prices Expected To Rise To Highest Levels Since 2014
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Let's be honest, not many of us have done a ton of long distance driving in the last 100 plus days. However, now that summer is officially here and things are starting to open up, and life is starting to semi-function at a somewhat normal rate, you might be thinking about that trip to the beach, Bar Harbor, OOB, or to see friends who live out of town.

http://www.mainegasprices.com/ is THE place to check out before you fill the car up. Nationally, the average price for a tank of gas is $2.12, here in Maine, it's quite a bit cheaper. Here are the latest prices to score the best deal at the pumps. Their site is regularly updated, so you can have a look before you hit the open road.

  • $1.89 Walmart 94 Mount Auburn-Auburn
  • $1.89 Hussey's 510 Ridge Rd & South Belfast Rd-Windsor
  • $1.89 CITGO 239 Stage Rd & Lakins Rd & Dixmont Rd-Etna
  • $1.92 Mapleton Oil Co. 360 Main & Elm-Fort Fairfield
  • $1.93 Sam's Club 47 Haskell Rd near Hogan Rd-Bangor
  • $1.93 Sam's Club 440 Payne Rd & Gorham Rd-Scarborough
  • $1.93 BJ's 513 -515 Warren Ave near Fiske St-Portland
  • $1.93 Murray's Mega Mart, 454 Auburn Rd near Lower St-Turner
  • $1.93 BJ's 110 Longview Dr near Stillwater Ave-Bangor
  • $1.94 K & D Corner Store 185 Wakefield Rd & South Effingham Rd-Newfield
  • $1.95 Tabor's Variety 705 Ossipee Trail W near Kiwanis Beach Rd-Standish
  • $1.95 Main Street Fuel, 65 Main St near High St-Richmond
  • $1.95 Fabian 18 ME-126 & South Monmouth Rd-Monmouth
  • $1.95 BJ's 110 Mount Auburn Ave near Turner St-Auburn
  • $1.95 Jackson's Corner Store 7 Augusta Rd & Waldoboro Rd-Washington

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