I had no idea this existed and had to let other people in on this especially since our lives have gotten so much crazier since the pandemic hit.
The United States Postal Service has a feature where you can opt in for what's called 'Informed Delivery'.  This service allows you to see ahead of time via email what will be delivered to your home by mail or in a package.
This is free and optional and I love knowing what's coming in the mail to save myself a trip in case it's just junk mail.  This would be extremely beneficial if you are on vacation or something unexpected comes up and can't get to your mailbox right away.
It's available to residential consumers and you will be shown a digital preview of the letter (not the actual contents inside) as well as be given notice when a package is expected.
When signing up you'll need to see if you are in an eligible ZIP Code.  You'll also have to verify your identity.
But, after that, it's smooth sailing.
Whenever I have mail coming, I'll get an email in the morning that looks like this:
Townsquare Media Bangor screenshot
 And when I open up the email it will show me a 'Mail' section and a separate 'Packages' section.  Today, I had no packages coming but, I did get to see the mail that would be coming.  Here's the image of my mail from the email:
Townsquare Media Bangor screenshot
What's great is that you can use this if you have a post office box so, if you are trying to limit being around people due to the pandemic this would be a way to prioritize when to go to the post office or days when you can skip it.
Also, you can provide delivery instructions through this service, in case something unexpected happens and need to pass it along to the mail carrier, or you can reschedule having a delivery.
For more information about 'Informed Delivery' be sure to check out the 'Informed Delivery' page on the USPS website.  There you'll be able to see the basics of what it is, frequently asked questions and sign up, if you wish.
Just made your life a little easier, didn't I?