Hey! This summer doesn’t have to be a total bummer!

The folks at Drones Eye View Inc., posted an amazingly breathtaking You Tube video of the sunrise at Old Orchard Beach, just before 5am, this past Saturday morning on the day of the Summer Solstice, which marks the official start of summer, which officially arrived a little over 12 hours later at 5:43pm EST

Obviously, things are definitely much different this year with the COVID-19 pandemic, but things are slowly returning to some degree of normalcy. Back on May 27th, the town of Old Orchard Beach re-opened the beach to visitors for general use. Now, some establishments are featuring dining options, and don't forget lodging and music. My favorite spot on the entire beach, The Brunswick, is featuring some live outdoor music once again.

As you can imagine, there are a number of stipulations when it comes to enjoying the beatury of the Atlantic Ocean at OOB. Everyone who heads to the beach must be aware of social distancing guidelines. Wearing a face mask where appropriate, setting a good example of keeping a minimum of 6 feet away from folks that you are not visiting OOB with, and also keeping the number of people in your group to 10 persons or less, will go a long way towards making sure that everyone has an enjoyable, and most importantly, safe experience.

Check out this beautiful drone footage of OOB at sunrise, it will make you want to head there and run straight into the ocean!

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