We asked Z-107.3 listeners to show us their tats, and it was awesome!

Today, July 17th, is a very cool holiday. It's National Tattoo Day, it recognizes the history, culture, and artists dedicated to etching ink permanently on the skin. This just might be the day to get that ink you’ve been contemplating for years, but didn't have the guts to go through with it!

When Gov. Janet Mills issued her timeline for reopening Maine’s economy, tattoo parlors were not allowed to open until July 1. As you can imagine, some people were not happy with this decision, but now everyone is back open for business and ready to serve you.

Some people are really into body art, while others like myself have only contemplated getting one after a long night of way too many adult beverages, and around here, you can't expect a tattoo parlor to be open at 1am to cater to a whim you might have at that moment. That having been said, I have certainly entertained the idea of getting the iconic Rolling Stones tongue, or a Boston Red Sox, or Boston Celtics logo on my arm. Maybe one day.

Way back in the fall of 2017, we asked Z-107.3 listeners on Facebook who the best Bangor area tattoo artist was, and we got a huge response from people who wanted to show off their own ink! So let's take a look back, and who knows, maybe one of these photos will inspire your next work of body art.

Z Listeners Show us Their Tats!

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