In honor of this past weekends Final Four, we have four hot new tunes hitting the airwaves this week!

Springtime in Maine is here, and it is putting some extra pep in our step. Folks all across the state are getting vaccinated and things are so close to returning to normal, so with that positive spirit in mind, we present you with some fantastic music to groove to.

"Deja Vu" from Olivia Rodrigo, is the long awaited follow up the number one smash, "Drivers License". It is the second single from Rodrigo's upcoming debut studio album, *O*R." Deja Vu" is about a heartbreak, and addresses a past partner who is currently pursuing a different relationship and recalls how he is repeating things he did with her. It proves that she is no one hit wonder.

Lil Nas X has been making headlines for his collaboration with MSCHF on a quickly sold-out offering of what the company dubbed "Satan Shoes". The sneakers have a similar look to a pair of Nikes, and as you can imagine, they are not pleased with their brand being associated with human blood and the devil, so they promptly filed a trademark claim against MSCHF.

And you know you have made it big, when SNL does a sketch about you, as they did Saturday night!

From the music side of things, "Montero (Call Me by Your Name)" is his latest tune. It was first previewed in a Super Bowl LV commercial in February. It is the title track from his upcoming album.

"Best Friend" is a dance floor ready club banger from rapper Saweetie, that features the fabulous, Doja Cat.

Justin Bieber has dropped the music video for “Peaches,” which is yet another release from his album "Justice". The Biebs has been very prolific in 2021, with several hit singles to his credit. The video features Bieber and his bros cruising the strip in his car. He is also wearing a rather snazzy peach colored suit.

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