I know there's a lot of trade offs in life. Other states have tornadoes, poisonous animals and bugs, searing heat, hurricanes... you get the idea. But here in Maine, we're basically spared all that. Sure, we have conspiracy theorists who say that ticks have been weaponized against us. Honestly, every year it seems more believable.

Aside from the mosquitos, brown tail moth caterpillars, and black flies, I really only get peeved about one little critter. Grubs. Those stupid little jerks are not-so-slowly wrecking my lawn. Don't get me wrong, I'm not even a "lawn guy". I mow it... sometimes. I kinda rake it every spring and fall, but I'm not obsessed with it.

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The real problem, says the BDN, is that there' s just not a whole lot you can do about the darn things. On one hand, grub season is just about done, so whatever damage you have is maxed for this season. But, they will likely come back next year because of eggs laid this year.

So if you replant grass, it'll be eaten by grubs. You can try a few different pesticides that may or may not work, because you'll need to identify which grubs are invading your turf. Somehow, these little blobs of un-grown insect are basically genetically perfect creatures, designed to survive at all costs.

I'm pretty sure it's just another way Mother Nature is trying to get us. But why? What did we ever do? Oh, right. But still, we could be living in the desert. then we'd be back to that conversation about poisonous critters and such. So there's really no win-win situation. It's just the rub of the grub, bub.

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