It's awkward to say "hopefully the 35th is the charm" when it comes to the amount of years that Kimberly Moreau has been missing, but her father Dick Moreau is hoping that it is. And honestly, who can blame him?

WMTW via YouTube
WMTW via YouTube

What happened to Kimberly Moreau?

All that's concretely known about what happened back on May 10, 1986, is that Kimberly, according to Channel 8 WMTW, was driving around Jay, Maine with her friend Rhonda and two men inside of a sports car. Unfortunately, that's really all that's known about that night.

Years after Kimberly's disappearance, Rhonda moved to California, where she tragically lost her life in a car accident. Over the years, the two men that Kimberly and Rhonda rode around with that night have been questioned over and over, but there are still no answers.

New information on Kimberly Moreau's disappearance?

A new $10,000 reward has been posted with any new information on Kimberly's disappearance, which, interestingly enough, it sounds like there may be some new developments or some kind of new lead that could help further the investigation. It's not known exactly what the new information is, but Dick told Channel 8 WMTW that he feels like this could be the year the case is finally closed.

Whatever that new information is, not only triggered that new reward being posted but is also triggering a new search for Kimberly's remains. There's no information on when the new search could take place, but hopefully Dick gets the answers he's been looking for for almost 4 decades.

Can you imagine that? Can you imagine just thinking that your child is going to hang out with friends, and then you never see them again? And not because they moved or ran away -- but not having any idea what happened and why and where they are now.

You can see the absolute pain in Dick's eyes, and it couldn't be more heartbreaking. Here's hoping 35 is the year that you get your answers and your closure, Dick. For you, and your wife -- who Dick promised on her death bed that he would bring Kimberly home.

This is a situation where, as heartbreaking as this story is and will be when her remains are finally (hopefully) found, we'll all be relieved for Dick to finally have the closure he needs. If you have any information, Dick's number is posted on flyers all over Jay -- 207-320-5997.

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