Very early on Saturday morning they were out beautifying downtown Bangor.

The Big Dig in Bangor is Underway. And it continues through this Saturday the 15th.

The Downtown Bangor Partnership Beautification Committee and the Adopt-a-Garden program began The Big Dig 7 years ago. It is for families, businesses and civic minded groups of all sizes to adopt and plant garden space through out the downtown area.

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Hundreds of volunteers participate. In 2021 150 sites have been adopted.  All plantings will be done this week. If the plants and flowers are not already in the ground, they will be by Saturday.

The City of Bangor takes care of the watering through the season, and generous business sponsors have donated soil and materials.  You can find out more about Adopt-a-Garden by visiting here

If you are participating in the Adopt-a-Garden program you purchase the flowers and take care of your space through the season.  All of the sites have been adopted for this summer.  But note to self, next year. There's always next year.

Annette S. Dodd, Chair of the Beautification Committee and co-owner of the Rock & Art Shop in Downtown Bangor, believes that the gardens will make for a better shopping experience for customers:

 “Our customers come to Downtown Bangor not only for the unique stores and restaurants, but for the experience of being downtown. The more beautiful downtown is, the more customers will enjoy their experience and return.”

Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors and the Beautification Committee.  Downtown Bangor looks good.

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