Got a bad first date story? Maine Savings Amphitheater wants to give you some nice anti-Valentine's Day prizes!

Not everyone is a healthy, committed relationship, so sometimes this can be a painful day for those of us who are single.

Valentine's Day is a Hallmark and Hershey type of day. As early as the middle of January, commercials are constantly run, promoting the day that is dedicated to all those who are in love. So wouldn't be cool if there was a prize devoted to all people who won't celebrate today?

Maine Savings Amphitheater has an Anti-Valentine Giveaway, that includes two tickets to any show on the Bangor Waterfront in 2023, and a $100 gift card to the fabulous Kanu restaurant in Old Town. Not too shabby.

They will announce the winner tomorrow morning at 10 am, so enter quickly!

Go to their Facebook page and tell them about the worst first date you ever had.

Naturally, we had to ge through some of the worst date stories, and there are some doozies! Here are a few of our faves:

Yvonne Russell

Dude try to say “I have plans for our date after so can I drop you off at 8?” After already taking forever to finalize our plans so I told him to not worry about the date and go have fun with his plans. He begged to take me out still. We ended up eating at my family’s restaurant and my dad sat in the corner and watched the entire time. My state trooper father. Horrible time all around

Elisa Gary

We were out to dinner, first date, I said something funny and he spit the rice he was chewing directly into my face. At least he laughed at my jokes

Ashley Kenney

Went on a blind date to Miguel's. He barely talked to me the whole time. Once I got home he texted me that he wanted me to meet his father because he had such a good time (meaning he thought we would become a couple after that date that he barely talked to me at lol)

Holly Ann Michaud

A guy asked me out on a date, that I had known from high school. He said "feel free to dress up because we are going somewhere nice, but don't feel obligated" I was thinking, "wow, that's cool, he doesn't care if I don't overdo it" (although of course I dolled up). He took me to Wendy' thru needless to say that was a one & done.

Rae Jean Wheeler

I went to pick up this person for our first date from his home. I walked up to the door and saw him thru the window. He was "busy" with another female. I turned right around and left. Dodged a bullet there

Jolene Prendergast

I went on a date with a guy and when the bill came he left , I had to pay it

Anti-Valentine's Day Gifts for Exes

We all know the truth, Valentine's Day is ALSO Singles Awareness Day. But some of those single people are glad to be living solo right now...and a few of them wouldn't mind sending their ex a revenge gift or two. Need inspiration on hilarious Anti-Valentines for an ex? We've got you covered.

PSA - these gifts are intended for good fun and keep it PG-13. But trust me; they'll guarantee some laughs!

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