Castine residents voted on Saturday to rename two islands in their community that have some controversy about the actual names of the islands, especially during a time of racial movements across America.

The islands are currently named Upper Negro Island and Lower Negro Island, which are located near the town of Castine on the Bagaduce River.

According to a source from the town interviewed by Maine Public, the names of the islands go back to the early 1800s. The history of the islands are speculated but not really documented so, it's difficult to know how these islands really got their names and what kind of history it was for the black community. Because it's unknown if it was a positive or negative history for black people in Maine, it was put to a vote over this past weekend to consider changing the name.

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This consideration comes after a year of 'Black Lives Matter' protests have been particularly in the forefront of American media, which is focused on racially motivated violence against black people in America.

The vote conducted on Saturday was in favor of renaming the islands and initiate next steps to do so.

According to WABI-TV 5, the renaming process will now include forming a committee to take on the endeavor, including coming up with new names for the islands to be voted on in the November ballot and to initiate a proposal for changes to the U.S. Geological Survey.

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