Summer awaits, so vaccinate!

The Maine Center For Disease Control and Prevention, has a fun new video that encourages every Mainer to get the COVID-19 Vaccine, so we can all can all have a great summer, "upta" camp, or wherever your travels take you.

Here we are in the middle of May, and things are looking up. Maine, so far has more than 50 percent of our eligible population with the doses needed for full vaccination against COVID-19, which is one of the highest rates in the entire country. And now kids between the ages of 12-15 are able to receive the Pfizer vaccine. This is fantastic news to help push us across the finish line of a very long and exhausting race.

In this new public service announcement, there are scenes of long, lazy, hazy days spent at camp, swimming, fishing, taking the canoe out on the water, setting off fireworks, firing up the grill to BBQ with friends and family. Doesn’t all of that sound fantastic? Imagine being able to do it without face masks! It is possible, and we are so close to making this a reality.

Personally, I am about a week away from my two week waiting period after my second shot, and I can’t wait to fully participate in the real world once again, and take advantage of all the amazing things that this state has to offer all of us.

Check out the video, and get vaccinated! If enough of us do, it will be an incredible summer, fall, and beyond.

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