There is nothing that fills you with more anticip....................... ation than a good old fashion live Rocky Horror Picture Show. And if you need to do some singing and dancing to one of your favorite movies/musicals while watching others sing and dance to one of the greatest movies/musicals then get your costume ready and check out the live show coming to the stage of Some Theatre Company.

Some Theatre Company, based out of the Bangor Mall, is putting on our favorite trans-horror show and they want you to come and be part of the fun!

The show runs from October 21st to October 30th with three times available including a 2 PM show, a 7 PM show and a special 'back door' performance time available at 10 PM. 

Get your Rocky Horror costumes ready and brush up on the soundtrack.  Here's a few essentials to get reacquainted with but, frankly, all the songs are essential, amiright?!

So, the ultimate question now is what are you going to wear? Get your tickets by heading over to the Some Theatre Company website and click your way over to the tickets page of the website. Tickets are $20 each with a special VIP ticket option available for $35. A cash bar will be available at the venue and will be open before the show starts and at the intermission.

Don't dream it! Be- apart of one of the greatest live shows and get your callbacks ready and weird getup all situated. So fun!!!

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