The Duck of Justice strikes again!

The Bangor Police Department Facebook has become the stuff of legend in the last few years, garnering nationwide attention, with a whopping 327,000 followers of their often hilarious posts about things that happen around town. One man is responsible for all the laughs.

Lieutenant Tim Cotton, is Support Services Division Commander with the Bangor PD. Tim Cotton has been a police officer for 33 years, land all of the sometimes humorous shenanigans that occur on the job inspired him to take to social media and have some fun all of it. After the massive success of the page, he then decided to put it into book form. The funny, best-selling book "The Detective in the Dooryard" was released in July of last year, and he is back with another one called "Got Warrants?: Dispatches from the Dooryard"

Amazon describes the book below:

" For the hundreds of thousands of followers of the Bangor, Maine, Police Department on social media, the "Got Warrants?" feature brings a regular dose of levity. Pulled straight from daily reports, these short interludes provide a welcome spin on the standard police log. Collected here is a fresh batch of all-true police-related hijinks. Poking fun at human nature and turning ne'er-do-wells into sages of silliness, Got Warrants? reminds us all to step back, take a deep breath, and try not to take things so seriously.

Here a just a few recent examples of the wit that Cotton brings to the Bangor Police Department Facebook each day.

He recently appeared on Mike Rowe's podcast to discuss "Got Warrants"

And in 2018, he sat down for a lengthy talk with the Portland Press Herald to talk about how the Facebook page all came together.

For more info on the book, check out

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