After a year of virtual everything, we are finally back in person for Q’s Cans for a Cure! We have been posted up at Jordan’s at the Maine Mall accepting donations, picking up cans, and raising money for the Maine Cancer Foundation.

We have been raising money to aid in the fight against breast cancer for 19 years, and every year the most highly anticipated part is waiting for two special guests to arrive in quite the impressive ride.

Bryce (15) and Riley (13) have been participating in this event for 12 years! Yes, TWELVE. In a family effort, they inspire the town of Parsonsfield with a huge banner in town to get everyone to help out. They spend all year raising money and collecting bottles and cans to present to us in a big debut annually at our site.

The banner hangs with pride with names of those who have passed, fought, and survived the fight against breast cancer.

It’s hard not to get choked up and a wee bit emotional when you hear the honking coming down the street and see the big pink dump truck pulling up with all their hard work, generosity, and compassion in tow.

As soon as the truck parked, Lori, Brittany, and Riley jumped into the back and started throwing all of the bags of cans they had collected down into the hands of the helpers on the ground.

This is truly a community effort.

I know what you guys are waiting for… the big total.

So… how much did these two boys raise?

A WHOPPING $17,000!!!!!!


I had to say it again. That is just from the efforts of these two young men, not the final total for our fundraising event. $17K raised just by the efforts of Riley and Bryce.

We love you, boys! Thank you for all that you do!!!


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