Maine is a pretty quiet state without a lot of scandalous murders... but we do have our share.
Cold in Maine is a blog/podcast that dives into cold cases and murders all in Maine. Kylie Low goes back over 100 years for a look at the case of Lottie Cote. She is the wife behind what many call the most sensational murder cases in Maine's history that made national headlines.
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According to Cold in Maine, in 1910, Lottie Freeman's first husband, William Sanborn, turned up missing, and she suspected he fled to Canada after forging her name on some notes he couldn't pay. The beautiful Lottie's story was taken as fact, and the disappearance was never investigated.
But in 1924, when her second husband was reported missing by Lottie, it didn't pass the sniff test for the Sheriff in North Gorham, the podcast stated.
What happened to William Sanborn and Alphonse Cote? Was Lottie truly the unlucky widow, or did she mastermind the murders of two men who believed they'd won her heart?
Wanna hear more about Lottie? It's not just husbands that disappeared on her either! Seems some farm hands went missing too! She was a pretty busy lady for making people disappear!

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