We've finally made it to the last few days of February vacation. And while for a select few families it truly was a vacation, with time spent resting and relaxing...for the rest of us it's meant time spent chauffeuring kids, squeezing in dental appointments & physicals, facilitating numerous play-dates and sleep-overs, and spending time with too many people in too little of a space! Rest and relaxation? What's this you speak of?

Cori and her kids

We all love our kids.

We all love to spend time with our kids.

But I know I am not alone when I say I am ready for a vacation from this vacation! (especially coming off the week before this one, where I spent the entire time home with my four kids, recuperating from the flu!)

Who does this belong to? Cori's kids give themselves haircuts!

Some of the highlights from this week's festivities include playing a game of "Who does this hair belong to?" and another favorite of mine "Let's clean the grated parm off the living room rug!"

Who spilled cheese all over the carpet?

And of course, with the kids off from school, that meant they got to come in to work with me. Nothing stressful about that!

Feb. Vaca Cori goes to work

I have spent 75% of the past week cleaning up messes and doing laundry and making meals and snacks that go half-eaten!

Who didn't finish their meal?!

The other 25% has been spent in the van, driving people to and from appointments and visits and such.

Vacation Chauffeuring

The entire vacation has been powered by strong coffee! (Or none of us would have survived! )

This Feb. vaca brought to you by coffee!

And while I loved having them all home, under one roof, and with me...

Cori's kids--always so cute when they're asleep...

...this momma is ready for February vacation to be over!~ Who's with me?!