According to News Center Maine, there's a law against shoveling or snow blowing the snowy mess from your driveway onto the street. An increase in citizens plowing and snow blowing into public streets and roads caused Maine law to add a statute in 1993 that prohibits a person from redistributing snow and slush onto a public way because it can present a serious traffic hazard. There's nothing worse than trying to dodge a snowbank someone has pushed out into the road.

There's a $250 fine for pushing your snow out into the street if it hasn't "accumulated there naturally". It'll just wind up piled at the end of your driveway the next time the city plow goes by anyway.

It's tricky when your driveway is close enough that you and your neighbor end up blowing snow back into eachothers driveways during every storm. Ever have that problem? Did you resolve it? Comment on our Fan Page.


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