Pretty soon, Lee will have enough to field a baseball team!

First of all, I will say that years ago when Lee Goldberg of News Center Maine lived in Bangor, he used to come on my show back when I worked at All-Hit Fox 104.7, way back in the day, and he always a really nice guy, and a great radio guest. Obviously he is kind of a big deal, especially when he can snag Maine's funniest comedian to announce the upcoming birth of he and his wife Karen's, EIGHTH child! The seven children they now have rage in age from 23, to just 2 years old.

The one and only Bob Marley, delivered the exciting news on Lee Goldberg's NewsCenter Maine Facebook page. Thanks to Bob's star power, the video has been viewed over 21,000 times in the last few days. Also, you will learn that Lee & Karen have an obsession with the number 8, so this all seems to be destiny. Bob also revealed that they are expecting a boy to add to their very large family. Congrats!

As for Bob, he has added some new shows in Maine, after spending some time in Florida. This Sunday, February 21, he will be at Jonathan's in Ogunquit, March 5-6 at The Regatta Banquet and Conference Center in Eliot, and the Clambake Seafood Restaurant in Scarborough, March 19-20. And you can be sure as things warm up and return to normal, he will visit the Queen City of Bangor again soon.

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