You've heard the Z Morning Show playing this sweet jam of Chris Popper calls from local basketball games and we need some help.

Film yourself slinging your rap over our Popper Jam then throw it in the comments on our Facebook page or shoot us a link in a message.

Do you know someone who could pull this off?  Send them the link to this page!  We'd love to see the talent in the area come together for this worthy cause.

We hope you are all enjoying Tourney time in the Bangor area and maybe this jam could garner a little of the Tourney spirit if you are in need of it!

Give it a listen and spit us your rhymes.

Need inspiration?  Here's some words to think about:

  • MDI,
  • Ellsworth,
  • Chris Popper,
  • At the buzzer,
  • Oh my
  • Oh hi

Can't wait to see what you got, Bangor ;)

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