Aside from the beautiful sunshine and downright mild temps of the past few days, I think the thing I have enjoyed most about the weather this week has been not having to convince my children to wear their winter gear. The battle to get them to don their down, and put on their gosh-darn mittens, or a freakin hat (for cryin' out loud) is a familiar feat for all parents. And while it's been in the 40's and 50's the last couple of days, we all know what's to come (thanks to weathermen like Todd Simcox!). The frigid cold is set to return soon, and it's bringing with it the begging, pleading, negotiating and then the tears-as parents everywhere try to get their kids to dress appropriately for the elements...mostly so we aren't judged by others for being terrible! (also because we love our kids and want them to be warm and healthy...but the judging plays a big part of it!)

In honor of this return to cold, and crying, I post this video for you. The uber cute and clever (sometimes too clever for their own good) Holderness Family posted this a while back. It's an Eminem parody of Lose Yourself. And every dang word of it is true and relatable! Tell me I'm wrong!

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