Here we are trying to survive the final months of winter and it's easy to not to appreciate the beauty that is around us here in Maine.

It's hard to look past the dirty snow and gigantic potholes but when you see footage like this it's quite astounding to comprehend the beauty that Maine has, especially during the winter time.

Check out this incredible drone footage posted in December on You Tube by Mavic In Maine.  It takes us on a breathtaking view of a sunrise in the Highlands of Maine.

According to the description it's a cold winter morning with a flight over Moosehead Lake, Mount Kineo and the train trestle over East Outlet.

The video shows a scenic lake view at dawn with inspiring colors and impressive formations that only Maine can produce.  You see fog rolling over the mountains, ice on the lake and the eventual sunrise on the mountains of Maine then a little photogenic view of a train trestle surrounded by morning fog.

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