Severe Weather Europe shared a Facebook post with a wild, winter phenomena that I have never seen myself, even though I've lived in the snowy winters of Maine all my life.

Check out this winter oddity where snow looks rolled like a hay bale.

Photo: Ádám László via Met Hirado
Photo: Ádám László via Met Hirado

This picture was taken in Germany.

I scoured the internet to find other instances of this phenomenon.  Here's video from You Tube from Jonathan Smith, who calls this phenomenon 'snow rollers':

Then, I had to go to The Weather Network, who gave an explanation of how it all works which includes a top layer of wet snow, dryer snow underneath and a strong, yet gentle wind.

Here's video from Travis Blackmore via You Tube showing the making of 'snow rollers' in action:

Have you seen this phenomenon in Maine?  Share your pictures with us!  We'd love to share them with Bangor!


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