Dr. Nirav Shah's Announcement

Last month, after serving as the Director of the Maine CDC for just shy of four years, Dr. Nirav Shah announced that he was moving on and accepting a job with the National CDC, basically as the second in command.

It was one of those bittersweet moments in life when you're genuinely happy that someone's hard work has paid off and given them an amazing opportunity, but also selfishly dislike it's happening because of the loss it means for you personally.

And truthfully, it doesn't matter if you fall on the red side of the fence, the blue side of the fence, or you're in some other yard altogether -- Dr. Shah just transcends all that. Because above all else, no matter his job or announcements he's had to make, at his very core, he's been one of us.

He's been a Mainer.

Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention via YouTube
Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention via YouTube

Dr. Shah's Last Day

This past Friday, February 10, was Dr. Shah's last day serving as the Maine CDC Director. His new assignment has him heading to Atlanta, Georgia. On his way out, he made sure to show his appreciation to Vacationland in the most Dr. Shah way ever -- the way that's just caused him to tunnel his way into all of our hearts.

Dr. Shah Announced He's Staying in Maine

Well, sort of. In a recent interview, Dr. Shah mentioned that aside from the fact that he physically "for now" is going to be based down in Georgia, he and his family are still Mainers and will still be living as Mainers.

He revealed that he and his family are still keeping their house here and they'll be back as often as they can. In fact, he went as far as to say that he'll be back pretty much every summer at the very least, telling NEWS CENTER Maine,

Any temperature over 70 degrees and I'm immediately uncomfortable.

Sounds like Dr. Shah can confirm what the sign on the side of the Turnpike after crossing the Piscataqua River Bridge from New Hampshire says:

Maine. Welcome home. And it's good to know this will forever be Dr. Shah's home.

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