There's been a whole lot to see in the sky these days.

Carl Sagan once said that there was really only one of two possibilities when it comes to aliens... There's either zero aliens, or tons of them. He admitted it was possible that we are the only ones in the whole universe that are anything like us. Or, they're everywhere.

One might also argue that if they have the technology to get here, we just might not be that interesting yet. Other than for food, maybe? But that doesn't change the fact that Maine and New England in general, are hot spots for UFO activity. Though the numbers on paper have gone down the last few years, Mainers are still always looking up.

But these days, flashing lights in the sky are becoming quite common.

I guess there will always be a contingent of people that refuse to believe anything but the remotest of explanations, but lately, scanner pages on social media have been showing tons of UFO footage. Same on Reddit. Some folks are convinced that an alien apocalypse is imminent. But a lot of us know there's a pretty mundane explanation.

On a pretty regular basis you can see strings of lights flying through the sky, looking like a fleet of angry ET's are on their way down to Cloverfield the crap out of us. But in reality, it's just another in a series of launches from Space X's Starlink satellites. They even have an interactive map you can follow to track their launches.

Now, I'm not here to judge or shame. If I saw a huge string of lights like that and had no idea what they were, I'd probably run screaming into the night. But at least you can rest a bit easier knowing we're not under attack. For now...

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