Losing luggage happens. It sucks, but it happens.

I read somewhere once, that airports lose something like 200,000 pieces of luggage a year. I have no statistic about how much of that gets returned, but I know that happens pretty often too. The stuff that gets lost forever, who knows where all that goes. Some of it goes to auction, and people buy luggage sight unseen. Who knows what treasures may appear when you get it open?

I usually try to put bright tags on my bags when I travel. Not just so I can see them coming a mile away with my old man eyes, but also hoping someone won't grab my bags by mistake either. Granted, it's no guarantee that it can't be lost by other means, but I try to protect myself as much as possible.

But right now, BIA is going way above and beyond the call of duty.

On the Bangor International Airport Facebook page, they showed a photo that was on a digital camera they found. They put out the photo, hoping someone would either recognize themselves, or someone might recognize the people in the photo, in hopes of reuniting the owners with their precious, if not expensive, digital camera.

Maybe this is you. Maybe it's your neighbor. Maybe it's someone from Missoula, Montana that will never know where their camera went. Either way, it's pretty cool of the airport to try and hook them back up. If you have info, here's a number you can call: 207-992-4600. This will connect you with the airport switchboard.

Losing things while traveling is the worst. But it happens. BIA also has a section of their website dedicated to reuniting people with their luggage, so if you ever do fly in or out of Bangor and lose something, this may help. Happy trails!

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