What do you think?  No seriously, they want to know.

With the popularity of social media we are very accustomed to knowing what people think.  About everything under the sun, and the sun too. Maybe too accustomed.

But Cities of Bangor and Brewer both are asking for your opinions.

Photo by Zachary Edmundson on Unsplash
Photo by Zachary Edmundson on Unsplash

The Bangor survey is from the Downtown Bangor Partnership and they are looking for feedback about the downtown core. From residents and visitors alike.

I have a downtown Bangor apartment, so I took the survey.

Here’s the link to the quick survey.

Hope they get lots of people filling out the survey and get a good cross section of residents and visitors idea of what is important to them in downtown Bangor.

Across the River


The City of Brewer Economic Development team is conducting a survey on consumer preferences.

Shopping and Dining in Brewer for anyone that lives in Brewer, works in Brewer or visits Brewer. So anyone is invited to participate. Here is the link.

And Brewer has prizes to win if you do their survey.

Tickets to a concert at Maine Savings Amphitheater, (Hey Brewer, that is our lane, giving away concert tickets) or tickets to Collins Center for the Arts to see One Night of Queen, or an overnight stay and dinner for two at Hollywood Casino.

Wow, prizes just to state your opinion. For the record, if I win a prize, I'll re-give it away on the radio.

Imagine life if social media gave away prizes for comments

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