Actually, yes you will.

Team Coco has been honored with their own Pantone color, you know the official color maker and namer of the modern world.

Conan O'Brien is a staple of the late night talk show arena and fellow New Englander that is beloved to his followers worldwide.

What's the color, you may ask?  Well, don't think to hard.  It's officially called Team Coco Orange... and, yes, it's orange.  Check it out!

I must admit, I follow Pantone on Facebook and was pretty disappointed with 2019's color of the year... Living Coral, a pinkish orangish hue that may be inspiring in that it's based on a sensitive ocean dwelling organism that has been heavily affected by the changing ocean temperatures.

Despite my eye roll for this year's chose color, I am elated to see that Conan has an official color, even if he may be the only comedian with one.

I think Team Coco Orange is a Pantone color I think we can all get behind.


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