Fall in Maine. There are many ways to get out and enjoy the season. But one way to both enjoy the beauty this state has to offer, and get the blood pumping with a great way to exercise, is to head out on a Mountain Bike. There are countless trails across the state that will take you out and around cities, down along the coastal areas and up around the many hills and valley we have in our state.

If you're someone wants that type of an adventure, and even better, wants to share that with your family, then listen up!

According to the Bangor Parks and Rec Department, this Saturday is "Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day. And to celebrate, they've partnered with the Eastern Maine Cycling Club to offer a Family Mountain Bike Skills Clinic!

The clinic will take place Saturday October 3rd from 9AM till noon.

"The clinic will be held at the Essex Woods Recreation Area in Bangor! We will have four to five different mountain bike skills stations that families will participate in together.  Then we will hold several group rides for families to participate in! After lunch will be provided!"

The cost of the clinic is $10 per family. You can click here to register.

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