Yes, Mother Nature's fury left behind a mess in Bangor, and this weekend is the time to clean it up.

With wind gusts up to 52 mph in Bangor throughout the day on Wednesday, many trees, branches and limbs ended up on the ground, spread across homeowner's roofs, driveways and yards.  No one wants this mess on their property for very long.

With a little legwork, it all can go away for Bangor home and business owners beginning this Monday, October 5th.

The City of Bangor tells us that the Public Works department will begin making the rounds that day, collecting trees, branches and limbs curbside.  So, what you have to do is put them there.  Better get to work.

Remember, they're only picking up leaves and wood.  No other debris.

Then, like they do ever fall season, the City of Bangor's Public Works Department will begin to collect leaves curbside, beginning Monday, November 2nd.

Before November 2nd, home and business owners should rake the leaves to the curb so that the City can vacuum them up and then cart them away.  Once again, they're asking that you just put the leaves out to the curb, and leave any rocks, branches, debris, and yard waste (dog poop) out of the leaf pile.

Remember, brush, branches, yard waste, and leaves can always be brought to the Public Works compound at 530 Maine Avenue in Bangor, seven days a week during daylight hours. For questions about all this stuff, you can call 207-992-4500.

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