We get it!

Sometimes the mornings are too busy to get your dose of Kid, Sarah and Todd in the morning, whether it's a unexpected morning of mishaps and surprises or its an ordinary circumstance in which you just can't listen in.

Our weekly morning chatter can not be missed.  7:10 AM on the Z Morning Show brings laughs, entertaining banter and sometimes some learning moments, well... a few learning moments... on very few occasions.

No matter!  This time every weekday is when the hosts of the Z Morning Show, Kid and Sarah, get to talk with WABI TV5's meteorologist Todd Simcox, about not only the weather coming up for the day and days to come, but also on the weird and wacky news stories from around the world.  Usually Florida.  You can actually count on it.

Here's your time to catch up with what the Z Morning Show chatted about.


Listen in weekdays at 7:10 to hear the upcoming forecast from WABI TV5's meteorologist Todd Simcox and the Z Morning Show shenanigans.

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